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Responsible Intelligence

Platforms that put consumers in control of their data to provide a direct benefit for a better experience.  Also interested in permission data that provides new measurement capabilities to improve performance.

Trends in Customer Trust – Gen Z will give up data for personalized experience

Salesforce (link)
September, 2018

How to capitalize on the competitive advantage of real-time data analysis

Marketing Land (link)
August 31, 2018

Ways to think about machine learning

Ben-Evans (link)
June 22, 2018

The Future of Digital Marketing in a Data-Privacy World

WSJ (link)
June 8, 2018

Apple is launching a new privacy portal where users can download a copy of everything Apple knows about them

9 to 5 Mac (link)
May 23, 2018

Navigating Brand Safety in a world of UGC

Martech Today (link)
May 17, 2018

The complete guide to CDPs

AdExchanger (link)
April 5, 2018