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Jessica Peltz-Zatulove

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Jessica Peltz-Zatulove is a Partner at MDC Ventures. Prior to joining MDC, she specialized connecting marketers with emerging technology and has a passion for helping startups secure their first customers. She previously spent 10+ years working with Fortune 500 brands including Verizon Wireless, Kraft Foods, and H&M. As a VP at Zenith Media, she was recognized an industry pioneer in the mobile space; her cutting edge collaborations were often featured in Mashable, Adage, Mobile Marketer, and Mediapost. Jessica has a global footprint with strategic relationships at over 300+ startup organizations across 20+ countries. In addition to being featured on CNBC, Fox Business, and popular podcasts - she's been named one of "NYC's 100 Most Influential People in Tech”, “35 People in NYC Tech to Watch in 2016”, and a Rising Star by Global Corporate Venture.

MDC Ventures; Michael Nicholas

Michael Nicholas

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Michael is a Partner at MDC Ventures and the Entrepreneur in Residence at MDC Media Partners. He has worked in advertising, media and technology throughout his career and has decided in today's converged world, it’s impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends. Michael has led large agencies, smaller start-ups and strategy groups for the past 15+ years. He's a mentor at Techstars and has garnered truly global experience partnering with many of the worlds best brands, including Coca-Cola, adidas, Nokia, AOL, Motorola, Reebok, Microsoft, Philips, Samsung and TiVo.

Investment Committee

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David Ross
EVP, Strategy and Corporate Development
MDC Partners

MDC Ventures; Michael Bassik

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Michael Bassik
Yes and Company

MDC Ventures; David Doft

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David Doft
Chief Financial Officer
MDC Partners

MDC Ventures; Advisory Board

As a corporate VC, we have access to the brightest and most creative minds in marketing to help guide our portfolio founders.  These leaders are accessible to our portfolio for mentorship, customer opportunities, and to share their invaluable domain expertise.

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Scott Arenstein
Managing Partner
Hello Design

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Keith Butters
Global Chief Technology Officer

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Joe Corr
Creative Technology Director

MDC Ventures; Jason DeLand

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Jason DeLand
Founding Partner

MDC Ventures; John Doyle

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John Doyle
ED of Brand Experience

MDC Ventures; Tom Dunlap

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Tom Dunlap
Chief Production Officer

MDC Ventures; Mike Karam

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Mike Karam
Head of Strategy
Laird + Partners

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Barry Lowenthal
The Media Kitchen

MDC Ventures; Naveen Passey

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Naveen Passey

MDC Ventures; Cathy Planchard

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Cathy Planchard

MDC Ventures; Brad Simms

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Brad Simms
President and CEO

MDC Ventures; Ashish Toshniwal

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Ashish Toshniwal
Co-founder and CEO
Y Media Labs

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Stella Voutsina
MDC Media Partners

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New York, NY 10151

MDC Ventures; social media
4 days ago
Great OpEd by @msg_ai founder @puneetmehtanyc : The Turing test holds no value in assessing conversational AI via @VentureBeat
4 weeks ago
Standing room only @ERoundtable demo day- interesting batch of diverse businesses across HR, crypto, fitness and D2C #startups mdcventures photo
4 weeks ago
So proud of the @RLY_app team!They've interviewed 100s of Gen. Z social media users & in response have built an amazing new app—for people who value authenticity and more control over who sees their posts.

LAUNCHED TODAY! Check it out 😎
1 month ago
Brands need to pay attention to “sound and feel”- not just look and feel, 43% of smart speaker owners would be interested in skills from brands they follow, 31% have added items to a shopping cart. #powerofaudio
1 month ago
Is @cheddar the new news? When @FoxBusiness median age is 69 and hundreds of thousands of households are cutting the cord- they’re well positioned for a successful new approach to live mdcventures photo
1 month ago
Proud early investor! Thrilled to support Analisa Goodin and the Catch&Release team to transform the production process, helping creative agencies make more content, faster. 👏👏 @ddoft @slk1 @nicholi57 @jessicapeltz @mbassik